PEOPLE Spa Package
Never underestimate the power of direct mail! This package positioned PEOPLE as an indulgent spa treatment in a groundbreaking concept that beat the control by over 40 points. It went on to win a Circulation Management Gold Innovation Award and DMA Silver Echo Award and became a longstanding control for PEOPLE.

PEOPLE SuperStar Package  
Designed on card stock and with a "gift" message and closed-faced outer, this PEOPLE package was a powerhouse control in a small size. 

A DMA Echo Award winner, this "magalog" was designed to give people a taste of the rich edit content of the magazine. You might call it “content marketing” before content marketing was a thing! 

SOUTHERN LIVING Porch Club Invitation

This package offered a new subscription tier (or "club") that consisted of the print magazine, digital edition, book, gift card, and additional content. 

ESSENCE Edit Letter

In this package, a personal letter from the editor spoke to the customer's core. An urgent "act now" chit and a magazine-specific gift added to its strength as a longstanding control.

ALL YOU Invitation Package

Another example of pre-content marketing, this unique package came packed with a lot of "stuff" for value-conscious women. The OE broadcasted the offer, and all the other components worked together to deliver on that message. 

PEOPLE Keep Them Talking Renewal Package

This cheeky renewal package used speech bubbles and free post-its to reflect the conversations that PEOPLE magazine inspired. Coupled with a low renewal price, this package succeeded in getting subscribers talking!